We demonstrates our resolve to closely tie our future success to our ability to satisfactorily meet and exceed our customer’s needs.

Customer care is an essential source of competitive advantage in the face of generic products offered by the management. Customer care is a cornerstone of the bank’s long term competitive advantage. Citibank Thailand explicitly speaks of our bank’s customer centric focus. Thus, our business in Citibank Thailand is centered on our customers and their ultimate satisfaction.

We are committed to delivering seamless customer service and maintaining long-term customer relationship in every location we operate. Our banking application, has good customer information system module which provides adequate information/data needed to serve the customer better.

Our self-service options can help you easily access the information you're looking for. If you need additional assistance, Contact us or speak with a Customer Care representative.

We listen to our customers

We have identified unique ways of getting feedback from our customers because feedback is fundamental to the continuity and sustenance of our business. For us to continuously stay alive in the hearts of our customers and also get their feedback at the instant, we have earmarked the following channels of communication:

All customer complaints get instant attention. We strive to attend to issues within 24 hours and provide solutions or options accordingly.